4 Locations

Yes .. your Absolute Fitness membership will work at any of the 4 locations.

Angleton. 8300 sq ft

Brazoria: 4800 sq ft

West Columbia :  3500 sq ft

Sweeny :  6000 sq ft

West Columbia

901 S Columbia 

West Columbia TX 77486

Phone: 979-345-2339

West Columbia is the one that got it all started at Absolute Fitness.  The first location started at the end of 2014 and start of 2015.    Our loyal members made it possible to expand and offer 2 more clubs.

513 N Downing

Angleton TX 77515

Phone:  979-331-3126

Angleton was formed from a void in the community as far as fitness went.    A place enough room to train with available childcare so a whole family can come together.   No waiting on equipment or your spouse to get off work to watch the kids.    This is our biggest facility to service the largest town we are available in.





304 N Main

Sweeny TX 77480


The Sweeny TX Location is the 4th Absolute Fitness Location.   It Boasts 6000 Sq ft and has everything any elite gym would require and more..   So click the "Sign Up Now" Link for special rates

322 N Brooks st 

Brazoria TX 77422

Phone:  979-798-4348

Brazoria happened after multiple requests to have a gym in that community by residents.    After locating what we thought was a perfect building for the project we had the doors open several months after.   This Location made its debut in Late Feb 2017.