Prices for Tanning

Yearly Paid in Full: 

Gym Member:  200.00

Non Member: 250.00

Monthly Tanning Membership:

( On Auto Pay )

Gym Member :  20.00

Non Member   30.00

Paying Per Month(Not on Auto Pay)

Gym Member :  25.00

Non Member :  35.00

Per Visit Tanning: 

Gym Member 8.00

Non Member 10.00


Stand up / Lay Down

Take your pick of how you like to tan.. ..or switch it up from time to time

Start Tanning today

  • Enjoy a beautiful tan all year long
  • A low cost and easy way to tan
  • Convenient and simple tanning program
  • Discounts on Tanning Supplies
  • Customer is always in control
  • No Contracts for Tanning